The New ReviewHunt is very Strong

Today I am very excited because for several days I knew that REVIEWHUNT was going to change through an update to give us the best interface and offer better things to hunters, today I tell you that I woke up super early to enjoy everything new, I started do several tasks that we offer to those of us who are doing this.

Something that I can tell you, is that the registration is super simple, and now we connect with BLOCKSTACK, a blockchain, just by re-entering your full name, your email address and place of residence is more than enough, in addition to checking your email Electronic and Voila! Super fast access, it didn't take me 5 minutes.


I confess that one of the most important things besides that there are no campaigns, are the tasks, this time will last less time than before they lasted much longer (several months), this in order to be able to offer the fastest payments to Hunters and achieve the goal that companies want with Reviewhunt.

Also for hunters now the referral link to share it changed, so look for yours and share the new link so that more people can opt for the benefits that the platform brings us.


In my personal opinion, since using Reviewhunt I have done quite well, I am a content creator and I manage social networks, so if you like this you can also start using the platform to benefit from payments for each of the tasks, yes, read very carefully the requirements of each one of them so that you do it well and leave successfully.

To register just click HERE

Keep earning rewards with simple jobs. There are many ways to earn money online, and with Reviewhunt you can do it.

See you soon.

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