📷 19 ▶History Museum of Lisbon▶ 🇵🇹 ®️😃

📷 19 ▶History Museum of Lisbon▶ 🇵🇹 ®️😃

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Few days ago I visited the main building of Historical Museum of Lisbon.
> Lisbon Museum -Pimenta Palace, where is a decent collection of archaeological finds, paintings, engravings, documenting the history of Lisbon. It is not located on the busiest tourist routes in Lisbon, but still is easily accessible with bus and green and yellow metro line, right next to Campo Grande metro station. With few words it's a great little museum! >* The Museum comprises of many buildings scattered in different locations across the city. So the history of one of the oldest European cities presented in such an unique way. >* This is the major location of Museum of Lisbon, housed in Pimenta Palace, that was built in the mid-18th century by order of King John V of Portugal. >* Just outside the palace are nice, cozy gardens where you can see some sculptures, fountains (winter time closed) and some peacocks. ![](https://img.travelfeed.io/yanipetkov%2F20200127T210047909Z-IMG_20200126_103454%20(1)%20(1).jpg) ![](https://img.travelfeed.io/yanipetkov%2F20200128T072347846Z-IMG_20200126_114053%20(1).jpg) Generally you can gain good knowledges about the history of city from the earliest times until beginning of 20 th century.Most of the exhibition gives an emphasis on the earthquake that occurred in 1755. Here5. Most of the exhibition gives an emphasis on the earthquake, followed by tsunami and 5 days raging fires. e around 80% of the city's infrastructure, the medieval and Renaissance architecture was leveled for ever on the day of All Saints and claimed up to 30,000 lives. This painting depiction shows Praco do Commerce Lisbon before the earthquake. It was hardly hit by the tremors and soon after engulfed by the huge tsunami waves. ![](https://img.travelfeed.io/yanipetkov%2F20200127T210126341Z-IMG_20200126_112026%20(1).jpg) And of course painting and some sculptures of the man who rebuilt the city- Marques de Pombal! ![](https://img.travelfeed.io/yanipetkov%2F20200129T001250024Z-IMG_20200126_114112%20(1).jpg) I really enjoyed this type of royal Center Table Empire style, made of mahogany, bronze, some other metals and marble. ![](https://img.travelfeed.io/yanipetkov%2F20200129T001316328Z-IMG_20200126_120327%20(1).jpg) **A great maquette of the city** before the eighteen's century, where I spent a big deal of time, trying to figure out every building, small narrow streets, squares, hillsides... ![](https://img.travelfeed.io/yanipetkov%2F20200129T001350110Z-IMG_20200126_121007%20(1).jpg) **The gardens** I enjoyed the sunny weather sitting for a while on the bench next to the line of sculptures. ![](https://img.travelfeed.io/yanipetkov%2F20200129T001427520Z-IMG_20200126_121554%20(1).jpg) ![](https://img.travelfeed.io/yanipetkov%2F20200129T001552061Z-IMG_20200126_121733%20(1).jpg) ![](https://img.travelfeed.io/yanipetkov%2F20200129T001617422Z-IMG_20200126_123312%20(1).jpg) Having a stroll in the gardens suddenly I came across these guys. They are beautiful, friendly, enjoying the warm weather, as I did and some of them very funny and cool. ![](https://img.travelfeed.io/yanipetkov%2F20200129T001639765Z-IMG_20200126_123305%20(1).jpg) This guys was extremely active all the time, but not that friendly. Anyway I took many pictures of him. ![](https://img.travelfeed.io/yanipetkov%2F20200129T001655094Z-IMG_20200126_123710%20(1).jpg) And in the end my short stroll around took me to Bordalo Pinheiro Garden, a garden full with many cool ceramics such as the garden fountain packed with ceramic fishes and shellfish or the ant, beetles, snails and mushrooms popping out of the garden alleys. ![](https://img.travelfeed.io/yanipetkov%2F20200129T001734797Z-IMG_20200126_125554%20(1).jpg) ![](https://img.travelfeed.io/yanipetkov%2F20200129T001753918Z-IMG_20200126_125759%20(1).pg) --(1).jpg) [//]:# (!steemitworldmap 38.758431 lat -9.156793 long A hidden gem of Lisbon d3scr) ---
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29.01.2020 02:27

Thanks guys!

29.01.2020 02:31

Thank you for the tour and the chance to see the outdoor space as well, @yanipetkov. Peacocks seem to be mean no matter where you see them!

@tipu curate

29.01.2020 07:15

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/20 - need recharge?)

29.01.2020 07:16

Thanks @fitinfun for stopping by. Yeah, it is kinda hidden gem, off the main tourist routes!

29.01.2020 08:30

Interesting travel blog!

29.01.2020 08:55

Thanks for commenting! There are many more museums to come.

29.01.2020 09:10

The model of the city is so cool. I would have stood there for a long time as well.

29.01.2020 18:30

Especially if you are model addicted as I am. There was a model history, keep in mind it took about two weeks the person in charge to build up the model!

30.01.2020 03:24

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Thanks @c-squared! This is the first time I get an upvote from you and I highly appreciate it! 👍

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29.01.2020 19:31

Thanks @travelfeed!

30.01.2020 03:20

Great post! I missed this museum on my trip there last year. Next time I'm in Lisboa, I'll be sure to get there.

Thanks for the preview! Cheers!

29.01.2020 20:13

It is conveniently located next to the metro station Campo Grande. As for now I am living here, will post constant updates about different types of museums. And Lisbon has them a lot.

30.01.2020 03:13
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Thanks a lot @innerblocks!

30.01.2020 03:22