Sense of appetite 有食慾感沒~


I usually bring a dish to the table after I finish it, because the kitchen is too small to make room...

Then I found that the children were so delicious that I changed them all to serve them all on the table...

Because it's only a few minutes until I get the kitchen ready... We can eat together, this is a regulation, is self-cultivation ~ not a person selfish to eat first, but he always said I greedy his lips to move ha ha ~

Then the son simply sneaked directly into the kitchen and served the dishes on the table... Seeing him so diligent, I praised him for his good performance

The result he is still for oneself appetite sense cannot help but want stealthily eat 😂



因为还要等我收拾好厨房,几分钟而已… 我们才能一起吃饭,这是规定,是修养~ 不能一个人自私先吃,可他总说我馋他唇唇欲动哈哈~

再后来儿子干脆直接偷偷跑进厨房,主动端菜上桌… 看他那么勤快,我还表扬他表现不错呢~



像今晚他就直接在我身后唠叨说:“妈,弄好了没有~ 你弄的这几个菜(青红椒猪肚/酸辣土豆丝/生菜)看的我已经饥肠辘辘… 等不及了……”



Like tonight, he's right behind me, saying, "Mom, are you ready? I'm so hungry from all the dishes you've got. Can't wait..."

"Especially the classic spicy and sour potato has made my appetite explode"!! Talk and eat!! Want to eat again to say hum 😏

However bear child also say of right, I myself looked at all greedy 🙈(secretly say in this) lai lai

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