Scheveningen, The Netherlands

Peer of Scheveningen

In the Netherlands with @vincentnijman, i was celebrating my first day with another steemian, whom I had previously only known on discord, through his blogposts and being over the phone with him a few times.


Bus rides in the Netherlands

Swiping your card twice, while entering and exiting, the over all public transportation system is well organized. I really like the stickers in trains and buses.

At the Peer

The one EURO peer

After walking on the peer to check out the ferris wheel, zip line and bungee jumping.


It’s great to feel the warm sand on one’s feet while inhaling the sea breeze.


The Fat Mermaid


Hanging out with @vincentnijman having some langulitas IPA was fun.

Category #photocircle, #photography, #ntopaz, #creativecoin
Camera Sony α 7r II
Settings ISO 400, 50mm f / 3.5
Lens Canon FD 50mm, f 1.4f
Location Scheveningen - The Netherlands
Photographer @yangyanje
Editing Snapseed - tune image

I am looking forward to share a few more photo stories about our steemian adventures in the Netherlands.

shadow_fw_ .png

If the commonality makes you feel secure, try creative accomplishment! - Soan Shinobi @yangyanje

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if you follow the boardwalk, finally you will find a lot of sad and terrifying dwarfs sculptures. So bad that you didn't mention them, they are very picturesque and worth to see ;)

14.08.2019 17:50

I totally didn’t go up to the dwarfs. Thanks for letting me know.

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14.08.2019 21:19

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15.08.2019 21:58

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16.08.2019 05:33

I've been in Scheveningen a couple of times and I really liked it. It feels almost like Mediterranean, just the waves tend to be too big and there is too much snow. But if you forget these small details it feels like you were somewhere in Italy (almost).

You took some great photos! I especially like those portraits. Very well done!

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

16.08.2019 08:26

Beautiful pictures. Everything looks really relaxing.
Perfect combination of caribean-like climate and European charm.
I liked the picture of the blond kid sticking his head into the road. The light posts make for an interesting arrangement in the composition of the shot.

16.08.2019 13:07

reading the title I have absolutely connected netherlands to images of the sea, but I was thinking of the typical holiday in the countryside full of tulips !! instead I find a funny post by two friends of steemit who meet !! :-)) very beautiful !!

16.08.2019 16:40