Quick Veggies (vegan)


Stir fried Veggies with Jackfruit and Oyster Mushrooms


* Garlic
* Onions
* Oyster Mushrooms
* Runner Beans / Green Beans
* Broccoli
Tinned Jackfruit Bouillon (organic vegetable stock)
* Soy Sauce
* Dry Thyme Seasoning
* Paprika Seasoning
* Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* Black Peppper

* Rie
* Turmeric Powder

Dear Steemian's

In The Hague @vincentnijman and me decided to cook a quick lunch one day. Today we are in the famous cheese town of Gouda at the House of Vincent’s lovely parents. I still have a muscle ache in my abs from laughing off his dad’s jokes. Since we are always on the run I decided to share it before heading out to his sister for coffee with some chocolate cake I baked in his Mom’s Kitchen. His mom literally has everything in her kitchen and is well organized. I shall share our creations here in the next days along with our visit to Amsterdam.


I started out by cooking the jackfruit in a bit of water, bouillon and soy sauce



Next, I armed some runner beans and put them in a frying pan with some olive oil and later added some garlic.


I also really like this particular stir fried with carrots and mushrooms, but here I just added some broccoli to the story and make sure they maintain a color, indicating freshness and that they don’t get overdone.


I added some thyme, paprika powder, some garlic and onions and a little bit of red wine as well as a few drops of soy sauce.


After the jackfruit water evaporated i added them to pleos(oyster mushrooms) that i just fried in olive oil with some salt and pepper, added garlic and some more thyme.

I will do a separate post on how to make basmati rice, but basically I added a pinch of kurkuma for some yellow color.


Ready to serve we dressed our dish with rice, some veggies and mushrooms with jackfruit. I added some black pepper on top of the veggies and the mushrooms and the jackfruit just before dressing the plate.


If it’s hard to be different for a while, you’re gonna enjoy going back to normal. You can then just be like everyone else again - @yangyanje

Category#vegansofsteemit, #ptography, #fruitsandveggiesmonday
SettingsISO 4000 50 mm f/3.5 1/500
CameraSony α 7r II
LensCanon FD 50mm f 1.4
LocationDen Hague - The Netherlands

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Reading this, looking at the pictures and bringing back these recent memories, makes me turn into one of Pavlov’s salivating dogs.

It’s hardly torture to hang out with a cook and teacher like @yangyanje ;>)

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19.08.2019 19:06

Im always gonna stay a student.

20.08.2019 07:34

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19.08.2019 20:08

Just in time for #fruitsandveggiesmonday!!!

Have always wanted to do jackfruit but keep forgetting to go to Asian groceries.

How nice you are having fun with Vincent. His parents sound lovely.

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19.08.2019 20:51


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19.08.2019 21:21

This looks fab! Makes me feel like I should try a bit harder in the kitchen.

20.08.2019 17:33

Good way to explore creativity. My passion for it is only returning slowly after working at a kitchen part time until last year. Specially when you have such encouraging company and comments 😉

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20.08.2019 17:43

I love jackfruit, I usually used canned, cleaning whole jackfruit is not easy for me. This looks delicious too.

21.08.2019 18:06

@meditations thanks for your comments. Also a big fan of breadfruit, which is related. Not known as well as jackfruit i guess. You look like you‘re a rising star amongst steemians 😊

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21.08.2019 18:40