Draw the letter 'k'

Draw letters with us!

@ran.koree posted the "We Draw the Letter 'k' " challenge:

"We draw the letter K- CONTEST".

The results of the previous Letter 'j' is here: "We draw the letter j".

The following post is my entry to:
"We draw the letter K".

Many thanks and much appreciation to the creator @ran.koree and all participants of this challenges. :)

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Here's My 'k'


This time I decided to use photoshop and made use of my tablet. As it's close to the deadline today, I rushed into scanning a sketch and coloring it. I still sketch on paper and take a picture and then color it. This is a habit from back in the days when one used to scan and then continue ones illustration on the computer.

Category #drawing #sketch #ntopaz #creativecoin
Tools Paper, Pencil, Tablet, Macbook Pro and Photoshop
Artist @yangyanje

Here's How I got there.


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06.09.2019 17:04

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06.09.2019 17:05

Real dope!!!!! ... Cant wait for 'T'!! haha!!

07.09.2019 03:10