One Life Celebration / Actifit Report -January 12 2020


One Life Celebration

Dear Steemians

I just came back to Switzerland from Karlsruhe, which is in Germany. I was attending an Event called One Life celebration / The Brithday of Martin and @d-vine. Organised by @d-vine from @spotlight.artist. The line up included people like @edprivat (from Paris, France)who was only one of a few of the amazing artists that were there. I must say that everything I saw that night was a treasury of excellent very good live performances. The music had a an intelligent and poetical character that just nailed it according to my taste. The selection of artists and music is the mark of a event organiser with a great taste. If you have used #dsound before, you'd agree that this is where real Hip-Hop is at. Elaborated Hip Hop is what is growing here. Intelligent lyrical content and proof of brain poetry ;)(kidding) With artists such as Lou and Mars, @jeffleinwand, Stewart aka 'Zig' from @onemedia who came all the way out from LA, and many more... It was so amazing to meet @onemedia, after having talked with him at a podcast with @elbrujo and @termitemusic on one of their Tuesday night cypher jams 'KNOW WHAT I MEAN' a while back.

The original flyer had this line up:


If you are a Steemian that listens to D-sound, this is my favorite music on the blockchain. I even saw a flyer version with @termitemusic and I guess just @djlethalskillz and @elbrujo were missing with all the other line ups that @d-vine and @spotlight.artist put together. I can not think about supporting @d-vine with everything I got for a next event like this. Anticipating this for so long, I was anything but the least disapointed. I travelled 4h to get there and 4h back and There was no other place I would have rather been than at ONE LIFE CELEBRATION! Second Womb, Dookiebrownflow aka @wolfnworbeikood would have been someone I also greatly anticipated. The #SMA Steem Music Association was a part of this event and for us, at least for me this was bigger than #steemfest and steemians who showed up and supported this last night to me, made history. This was an important international Steem Blockchain Music event and the only one ever done in Europe of it's kind. The now very few truly humble musicians embarking into unknown space, in an economy that's still in it's infancy but relentlessly evolving as a global village. Here we are making baby steps that should be supported much more! What they have done is being timestamped as what it was. I know that one day I might show an old post with old photos of the first one like this. Thanks to all the Steemian's that came out there!


Such endeavours need more attention crowdfunding campaign There are amazing things happening in terms of music on steem. There is also a scene evolving. Blockchain music? From the largest social media on the blockchain, I am sure we could grow into a Network for music that's better than centralised systems such as Spotify or Itunes. After limewire and Napster, this is the most important revolution for musicians who earned from performing, rather than from downloads of support from listeners. The past few years the number of artists increased, but so has the struggle for each individual as well. We need more ipfs nodes for Dsound, people who pay for it, stake. In short, we need investors. One Life became an important event for many humble musicians on Steem, using #dsound. This was the biggest gathering of musicians in Europe, when it comes to the genre specific style. The 5 Elements of Hip Hop that circles in my community of steemians and also the musical culture I am involved in outside the blockchain makes me more than just a supporter. My character is also a Member of the UZN, who are the Brotherhood from where the Hip Hop Culture originated with it's 5 Elements.
ell, what I can tell you about the event, is was something better than a lot of concerts i go to and the music was out of this world. Great and very poetic German Hip Hopop. Meeti awesome Steemians,s, being at theirst of it's kind revolutionarary global event withigh quality music, art, dance, vocalilism. It makes me picture #naturalmedicine, veg soul food, workshops and possibly festivals at self sustaining eco-vilillages....(Another post I guess)

The trip

Firstly I went to One Life celebration with onee of my favourite englishvocalists and stage performers based out of Switzerland and one of the most promising event organisers for Boombap Hip Hop, Neo Soull, lo fi, conscios and elaborated hip hop culture coming out of Switzerland. Both running a successful event in Zürich called Style Bakery, have truly made a difference for a community of people who appreciate jazz, funk, live music and created a space for sophisticated listeners and creatives of elaborated poetry, art, musicians, deejays, dancers and vocalists. Their jams usually have B-boys and B-girls showing up to do cyphers, emcees, and and awesome deejays at the beginning at during a short break for the band. Oliver, me and Johnnny met in Zurich to go toKarlruhe ttogether. What would be a better experience than going with the two guys who arethe Style Bakery creators and organisers?
centh3>The he joey



First we took a trip to Lörach from Zürich with a flixbus to catch a car pool ride share from there to Karlsruhe.


Arriving in Karlsruheruhe behthe the station, we crossed the subway to get to other side. Karlsruhe has a very special vibe and it captivated my attention as soon as I arrived. Germany still has something very raw and retro when you come out there from crypto valley. Not only do Swiss people generally earn a lot, but those who don't are a strong opposition of wealth in value as opposed to wealth in subjective monetary terms. I definitely belong to the opposition that values creatives such as the value that these artists create with their music, that we came to see all the way out of Switzerlzerland. It feels like one could still be in the 80s while standing next to a monument, deteriorating building of a arcade gaming machine from the 80s.


Only just the model railway made a profound and strong impact on me, because one of my best German friends always had to dreams, a Lokomotive Driver or a Pilot. He is a Pilot today that still plays with his retro Modeleisenbahn and says to me. If I would not have become a pilot, I would be a "Lokführer" today. (maybe I should have left the führer out. )


We finally took a taxi for about 15 min to a Pennsylvania Street corner New Jersey Street, where we saw the Day after Full Moon just gleaming in the night sky. We looked for P8, hung out for a bit and @d-vine arrived. Such an awesome moment, to meet all these amazing Steemians.


Of course I took some video footage of the event and did a lot more, the concerts were out of this world and we all networked and connected. More to this will follow on my next pot post.
Of course I also took Spray Paint with me !

Since is also an actifit report of my jog today, I also will just share those pictures with you also.

I basically do an 8km Jog around the forests once of twice a week that currently takes me 52min. DId 8km jog and 1 h of speed painting at 1 degrees celsius at the event at 01.30am and 8km of jogging.

Category #music, #actifit
Camera iphone 8
Location Lörach and Karlsruhe - Germany, Zürich Switzerland
Photographer @yangyanje

shadow_fw_ .png

One Life? You have only one, live it until you can embrace death. If not, you aren't alive! - Soan Shinobi a @yangyanje original

[ NOTE: #actifit, #palnet, #creativecoin, #tunes, #travelfeed, #hive-118409, #neoxian, #marlians, This is an actifit Report of a Journey to a Steemian event called One Life Celebration, that happened on the 11th of January 2020]



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Wir waren da auch. Dachte aber wir sind falsch weil da nur ein paar Leute um ein Feuer gessesn haben. Schade

13.01.2020 01:09

Echt? Um wieviel uhr bist du gekommen? Die Konzerte waren echt gut!

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13.01.2020 08:14

Was a lot of fun meeting you guys! :)

13.01.2020 14:12

Such an honor! Blockchain music history was televised!

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13.01.2020 14:16

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13.01.2020 18:23

That's so cool, glad you had a great time! Love your enthusiasm - I'd still separate out your actifit from your more interesting posts, but that's okay, you know how I feel about actifit!! I'd have a whole other account for it - one for actifit, one for interesting things haha!! Gosh, I sound really mean. I'm just playing into my sport insecurities :P xxx

Go Dsound and blockchain musicians - love this so much and I can see your eyes in that picture, so I feel i can see YOU too xx

14.01.2020 07:19

You know @riverflows, you are right! I also put several posts in one and should make separate ones. There are several me's on here. Actually I am starting to get my opinions about actifit too. What really motivates me is this 70 year old guy and this 70 year old lady that do above 30k step counts almost every day. They both just make me feel like I need to move more and their report cards are amazing. This kiwi guy who bikes 70 to 100km. Dude is amazing! You don't sound mean @riverflows. My opinion about actifit is still that they reward delegators more and that will tell you everything about them. I guess the idea for actifit would be to offer the dapp and the token to medical insurances that would come as investors. I think that would be great for actifit. Where I live the medical insurances are all private and one could convince them to invest in Steemit and actifit. Someone could offer this to them and do on boarding campaigns using fitbit, so users can earn back actifit, but the insurance also provides wellness bonuses, free yoga vouchers, massages etc. I was representing #naturalmedicine and #mindfullife there! I met a 10 year old kid recently and we are making music, breakdancing and doing graffiti. he is a super talent. This kid is keeping me moving, specially the dancing with him is a lot of fun. We are practicing to become a duo and do routines. Will post about him. He currently is my greatest source of inspiration. Yes, a 10 year old kid!

14.01.2020 09:57

As kids are sooo inspiring!!!! My Dads always been my motivation for moving! And your approach to fitness is awesome.. I have to say your actifit posts are the most fun I have ever read!!!!

14.01.2020 11:54

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