7 #Inktober ENCHANTED

7th Inktober - Enchanted

Inktober Monday the 7th of inktober, I remembered a scene in my story. It was of a mistress named Meyna, who is irresistibly beautiful and lures Rane into her cave. On the walls, lit candles convey an inviting ambience for complete submission. She seduces him with aphrodisiacs carefully placed in oil lamps and fragrances that memorise our young monk. With clouded judgement, Rane accepts a portion of wine and immediately feels guilty. By slowly removing her garment and moving with drops from her cave waterfall, she dances and enchants our young explorer. Raised in Temples, Rane never experienced such sensuality and his strength to remain in control is once again put to the test.

My previous entry for #inktober 6 was a Husky:

I tried focusing on the characters. This piece is unfinished and more elements will be added to the page.

Enchanted Shinobi

Category #inktober, #creativecoin, #oc, #drawing #sketch #ntopaz #creativecoin
Tools Paper, Pencil, Gray Acrylic Marker, White Brush Marker, Black Pen Marker and Color Pencils
Artist @yangyanje

Here's How I got there.


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08.10.2019 22:57

nice work!

09.10.2019 01:17

😳 @shimozurdo that's crazy. You're like one of my favorite steemians man! You comment fuels me! We should connect on discord. Find me as @shinobi#0298

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09.10.2019 07:46

hey dude thanks 'steemian graff artist' sounds good 😅 sure we should! we are in touch now

09.10.2019 12:44


09.10.2019 01:29

Coming from a creative like you, that means a lot brotha! 😊 btw your tracks are killing it! I have been showing thicket to people and when you set the genres, you and @elbrujo, @djlethalskillz show up nicely on hip hop, lofi etc. Someone gotta make noise for this amazing dude @bflanagin for making this!

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09.10.2019 07:42

I don't think art should be labelled NSFW. The day we can't celebrate artistic rendering of the human body would be a sad day indeed. Beautiful.

09.10.2019 02:33

Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate you mentioning that. I kept thinking if i should and did so anyways. This comment is therefore much anticipated. I think both are the case. Also labelled it because of the nature of the story. Forbidden lust, enchantment... i keep thinking about someones creation becoming another's value. I also tried addressing the burka, switch genders and remind that sexuality not needing to be suppression but something that can keep flowing and turned into another kind of energy. It's a hot topic to debate on in an age of gender equality, idealism and temptation by desire and display. Sexuality and pornography are are powerful drivers of consumerism. As esthetics and values are also intuitive i wanted to be decent 😅. Inducing needs where people aren't able to be aware of their wants and choices. Also male and female dignity for respective genders in an age of freedom and liberty evolves with values? I feel many still suffer from delusions of ownership or insecurity inflicted by mass-idealized group concepts of how respective genders should conform or act and by creating the sentiment of having to compensate a deficit. Specially when dealing with the first truly international social media economy that's actually a network, i thought censoring it just in case would be better actually 😅. I feel that our society opened up and evolved quite strange during the bretton woods era, even tho we had the hippies in the 60s and 70s when the gold standard was removed, that marked the beginning of value Erosion. I would wish the world is ready for that? Is it? 😊

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09.10.2019 07:33

Sick art right here! Booooom

09.10.2019 07:53