My trip to bamenda /Friday 6th August 2021

Hello steemains

Morning period

I woke upup very early by 2:00am and at once I took the fish I bought the previous day and fixed for her about 15minutes. From there I moved to the bathroom where I took bath then dressed up. After that I moved into my elder sister's room and woke her up  she dressed then she heard some footsteps outside, after a while we heard a knock at the door. *My sister then asked who is it?*and he said it is Elvis that was my sister's brother inlaw. She   told  me to open the door, when he got in my sister and I moved out and told him to close the door. We both all moved up to the road were I took a bus from yoaunde heading to bamenda. When I got into the bus my sister then return home, but me I was lucky to have a sit since the bus was not yet full but people that were further picked on the road did not have sits so they had to sit down on the stair cases. As we arrived baffussam a lady needed to go out so the bus stopped and I heard a man say get your sweet bread when he wanted to enter the car the motto boy refused so the man removed a knife since the motto boy had a stick on his hand were he  beat the bread man well and everyone in the car was very happy at his courage since it was a thief. Then he closed the door and the car moved up to matazen where all buses stopped and waited for six o'clock for control before we could move on. 


Going for control

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e all l ft matazen by 7:00am and arrived bamenda by 9:00am due to the bad road. I bought something cabbage and carrots for the family so as I arrived bamenda I hearded to the house at hot spot and left it there then moved to the office where I had some documents to o fill.

Afternoon period
I arriverriveat the office by 10:00am and there were already people there so they gave us that were present some forms to fill and from there the took our finger prints and a picture e each.


At officn bamamenda
div clav class="tustify"> They wery wervery fast and I was very happy , I was done by 11:30am and I immediately moved to the park were I took a car to baffussam although the road are very bad road with many controls on the way we got to baffussam by 5 5:00pm.

Evening ioriod


In bus aahe park

div clav class="tustify"> I then then k a bike to avenue de Nde were I paid 7frs and I arrived bagangte by 7:00pm. With all the tiredness I peeled Irish that I had to cook the next day then prayed and moved to bed.

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06.08.2021 09:20

Greetings @yangsifabiola,

Thank you for posting in Steemalive community.You had quite a busy day from the morning up until evening.

Stealing has no justification at all,It is good that the thief was beaten up.

I hope your area is cool now.I would suggest that you use center alignment and justify alignment in your posts to make it better.


06.08.2021 09:28

I think I did all of that

06.08.2021 09:37

Pls just make your headings to be center aligned.

See what to do.


09.08.2021 13:30

Have done it

10.08.2021 11:15