Speedpaint - Defeated Angel / Exclusive for 3Speak

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Happy Sunday dear community of 3Speak and friends Steemians.

My first month in 3Speak is over and I have just renewed my second month on this platform to continue sharing with you the videos of my works of art, this time the video I leave you is what for my consideration would be my best work So far, I worked several days doing this concept and also basically I had to make two versions of the same design and I felt super satisfied with the final result.

This was created as the idea of ​​a battle between - Orcs and Angels - and in the scene I did is about one of the Angels that has been defeated and the enemy cut one of its wings and then destroy it completely, I don't know but maybe later continue working on this idea with new characters and better scenarios, for now I leave the video of this work and I hope everyone who sees it will like it. ;)

Music used in the video:

Tension, AION, Never Leave You and Cerberus - by Daniele Garuglieri - Daniele Cinematic Epic Music -

Thanks again for supporting me, I await your comments and see you soon!!! ❤❤❤

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To say that you used 17 minutes and it was still. Speed painting. My goodness! It's one of the most sophisticated things I'll ever see the process really. I think adding the colors was even more difficult, yet all in all, it's beautifully done. Wow

06.10.2019 20:48

Hi honey... Happy Sunday, thanks for watching my new video, yes, 17 minutes because it really took me days to do this but as I said I was very happy with the final result and I am very glad that you have seen it and that you liked it. <3 <3 <3

06.10.2019 20:53

Wow days? That's sheer hardwork really.

06.10.2019 20:56

Yes of course, I do not remember well but I think it was 3 days... resting of course, I am not a robot. XD

07.10.2019 12:17

@yanes94, I really like Angelic topics and stories because it reflects that angels are present around people.

Keep up your art and keep coming up with interesting topics. Stay blessed.

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06.10.2019 21:03

We all have an angel assigned to guide us, better known as "guardian angels"... mine is a bit mischievous but surely I have it. XD

Thanks for the support. <3 <3 <3

07.10.2019 12:20

Welcome and that's true. It's all about Matter Of Faith.

08.10.2019 20:13


Your work gets better all the times!

Are you on Discord anymore? Are you on WhatsApp anymore???

07.10.2019 06:37

Hello Love how are you? It makes me sad not to be able to communicate with you. :(

In WhatsApp I am... but in discord no, the Internet sometimes lets me in, but in others not for what is safer WhatsApp because I can connect in some parts with my phone.

07.10.2019 12:28

Congratulations on your first month at 3Speak. Your work is very complete and this video is super incredible and well detailed of all the process and work you did to get this wonderful result. Enjoy the 17 minutes of this great work, we are also very satisfied with everything you achieved with your effort of several days. This defeated angel is very beautiful with interesting and pleasant dark colors. The whole scenario where you developed the whole process of your digital artwork is magnificent. Congratulations for your passionate and dedicated work. A pleasure to always delight us with your creative designs. A big hug.

07.10.2019 09:58

Good morning Yeninsfer, thanks again, it's a long video and I'm glad you took the time to see the full 17 minutes and also leave me your beautiful support comment.

I hope you like my next videos even more and I will try not to make them so long. XD

07.10.2019 12:41

beautiful creation friend I congratulate you, whenever I see your work impressed me, you have a lot of talent, go ahead with your great work, and congratulations for your first month on this wonderful platform

07.10.2019 14:06

Greetings Luis, thank you for encouraging me in my work I appreciate it very much and I am glad that you have seen it and that you think that my art is good. <3 <3 <3

09.10.2019 18:32

Excellent Artwork @yanes94, I really enjoyed the the whole video.

07.10.2019 14:39

Hola cariño, que tal? gracias por regalarme un poco de tu tiempo y ver mi vídeo... me alegra que te haya gustado. ;)

09.10.2019 18:29