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Hello dear community of 3Speak and the rest of the Blockchain!!!.

As I said a few days ago, this drawing was done by my cousin with a pencil on my agenda, he has suffered a lot of teasing for his Autism but that did not stop him, he goes ahead and loves to draw. He made a cute owl for me and I said I would draw it digitally. I want to meet him again to know what he thinks of my digital version.

Music used in the video:

Composer: Ross Bugden

Title: New Frontiers
Music by Ross Bugden - New Frontiers

Composer: Ross Bugden

Title: Flight Hymn
Music by Ross Bugden - Flight Hymn

I thank you for watching the process of my illustration "Magic Owl" and I hope you liked it, see you soon!!! ❤❤❤

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13.09.2019 22:15

Thanks again for the support. <3 <3 <3

14.09.2019 13:46

Wow! Amazing as always. I loved it, it's super creative.
The effects you achieve in digital are impressive.

13.09.2019 22:36

Thank you for your support... I appreciate that you have seen my video and that you liked it, I try to improve every day and comments like yours encourage me to continue. ;)

14.09.2019 13:40

Makes for one of the best PS tutorials I've come across!

14.09.2019 02:09

Ooooh thanks!!! Hope this can help you. I would love to be able to do detailed tutorials and explaining how everything is done but there are many factors that do not allow it. :(

14.09.2019 13:45


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14.09.2019 07:01

Thank you for such a beautiful and delicious cake. ;)

14.09.2019 13:52

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14.09.2019 07:33

Thank you very much!!!

14.09.2019 13:53

Ay no manches que genial dibujas. uwu

14.09.2019 10:37

Muchas gracias cariño, haces que me sonroje. <3 <3 <3

14.09.2019 13:36

@yanes94, It's true that sometimes people face lot of discouragement and negativity towards their efforts but we have to continue because we should value ourselves and we should give a strong fight to all these nagative forces. He came up with awesome art piece for sure. Stay blessed.

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14.09.2019 11:09

Certainly... I agree with you, in the world there are many bad and negative people but we must block those bad energies and continue moving forward. ;)

Thank you honey for your support and good comments of encouragement. <3 <3 <3

14.09.2019 14:00

Welcome and thank you so much for your kind response.

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