VideoTutorial - Portrait Fantasy Girl - How to place textures "FREE" to your designs

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--- # Hi everybody how are you?
First they will excuse me for the duration of the video, I know it is a long time and it can be boring lol, but I decided to do so for several reasons the first is that it is a bit long because I did not edit so much. That is, I did not put it very fast and tried to cut as little as possible so that you can see [So that you appreciate well.] How I made this drawing. The description will also be long, I had thought otherwise, but by the sircuntanias, I've been writing so much here.  Other reasons, well, it's simply that I'm not going to be going crazy, for things that an "X" says in life [I'm not even interested in what he thinks], but since he's talking stupid things and the most essential thing. **WITHOUT BASES OR TESTS**. Well, I simply have something that he does not have and are tests to shut up that little thing that goes around saying that I do plagiarism that my work is not original because according to him it seems that I did not do the dress, because no I sewed it, if not I stole it from a seamstress Lol Well I'm sorry to have such disappointing news for this misplaced in life, because well, I really don't think I'm an enlightened one. I'm already the first person to use **BRUSHES for PS that emulate TEXTURES LOL**. I think one of the advantages of digital drawing is that it has many tools that speed things up, if I had not started sewing each lace. Sakimi Wow!! she would have gone crazy, with all the lingerie she performs. To be more realistic, he who knows about digital drawing or ART rather, should know that in digital drawing there are **BRUSHES, TEXTURES, TOOLS**, well, this even a child knows, but hey, that's another story. ### Hmmmmm this has become long.
Every time I make drawings with some texture or brushes that are not mine, if I do not put the link of that [Of course I am not going to place every thing I use for someone to scratch the belly of happiness Lol ...] it is because no it is necessary since for bad luck, not mine, if not of the ---, the page from where I especially took those brushes is free and can be used for personal or commercial use without naming them But so that they do not say that I am an evil one who has no evidence, here I leave the link of the brushes *to the one who still thinks I stole the dress* [By the way, the clothes of my drawings are made by me, who helped me with some brush, that's another story, lol ...]. Simple, you can download it, [they don't weigh much] put it on PS and you'll see that the two designs used in this drawing are there.. [Pack of brushes Number 1 °]( From this package I used the last one, for the front of the dress, to all these who say it is a dress, it can be a blouse lol. That by the way in the video you can see that I did it simply since I only used it as an eraser lol. [Brushes Pack Number 2°]( From this package I used brush number 13 for the details of the arms. #### The truth is that it bores me that the description of my video is so long, that it shouldn't, that's what the video is for :).
OHHH! I forgot, **THE POINT** Yeah! **THE POINT** Well, **THE POINT IS THAT IT IS A SIMPLE POINT**. Now he even accused me of being a photo only with filters, for **ONE POINT**? lol. Hmmmmm on the one hand it makes me happy in a way it means that my drawing looks more realistic lol and on the other it makes me laugh that a Troll has to look for a magnifying glass, [Luckily the drawing is in a large resolution and everyone can see every detail in it lol….] nothing more than to look for The least thing. A doubt, just curious, why a drawing has to be a photo with filter just put **ONE POINT**? Hmmmmm to be a photo with a simple filter, it takes too long to do it lol, you can see it in the bottom right of the video :).

*** *** #
Music used in the video:
Sad Heaven - Lost of heaven, Waveform and Last life *** *** #
OMG!! Finally finished!!! This is all!! Now I return to work on my drawing, to finish it for tomorrow,if I don't fall asleep first since it's almost 3:00am. Thanks to all who see me or read my publications and again I apologize for so much chatter.
###### Regards Carmen Yanes *** *** --- ▶️ [3Speak](

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Awwwwww, wonderful!!!!
So the "designs" you "made" on the clothes is basically a tool that automatically draws the lace for you!!!!
Such great design skills here, so much artistry!!!!
Good job Carmen!!

05.11.2019 14:36

excellent work very nice this creation, something that calls my attention to your work is that every time you do better, successful continues with your good content.

06.11.2019 12:17

Greetings dear Luis, again I appreciate your comment and that you have seen this work too.

06.11.2019 18:46