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Hello community of 3speak and dear friends Steemians, happy Sunday everyone.☺

The video I present today is a mix between traditional and digital. I had the idea of creating a landscape inside an elephant I made a scribble on my agenda, then I made my sketch on a special paper for acrylic paint and I made my landscape, I did not make the elephant there because I did not have a fine point marker, then, I passed it to the computer to finish it, in my video you will see this whole process.

Music used in the video:


Enjoy this Sunday with your loved ones, I hope you like my new video and see you soon. ❤❤❤

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08.09.2019 15:08

Thank you very much, always very grateful for the support you give me. <3 <3 <3

10.09.2019 13:49

Happy sunday fr om here friend. And i hope you enjoy your sunday also as well

08.09.2019 17:02

Thanks for the support honey... it was a family Sunday but very hot.

10.09.2019 13:55

Yo sí quería ver este video amiga ese efecto de transparencia se ve asombroso amo cada detalle que agregaste al paisaje envuelto en la silueta del elefante realmente hermoso amiga 😍

09.09.2019 06:36

Gracias amor, lo malo es que al ser speedpaint se ve muy rápido y no se puede apreciar bien como se hacen algunas cosas... pero este duraba como 2 horas y pesaba como 3Gb para subirlo en versión normal es imposible. :(

10.09.2019 13:52