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Hello friends, how are you today? ♡♡♡

This is something that occurred to me to do while I was away from home doing some personal things, what I did not imagine is that when I got home it would take me a surprise, my computer charger was damaged [Completely], buying one is very difficult [ although only worth 5 or 10 $]. The fact is that I had to work miracles with another one that I found and how to use it again but the computer sometimes looks like Christmas tree lights, which scares me because I don't know what's wrong with it, if it's the battery or something on the laptop . So I could not do this drawing in PS, I was trying to solve and I could make this drawing in Medibang on another computer, it was a bit difficult because I do not know the program and the computer was super slow, so that combination made my drawing process A little annoying and could not record. The next day my computer could load and I saved the transparent PNG image to work on PS.

I'm just praying that my computer won't be damaged if that happens, I think I won't be able to do more digital drawings.

Oh! by the way!! some good news!!!!

  • Soon comes the birthday of writer Stephen King [I love what he does] father of incredible novels like It, Carrie, El Resplandor and others. He is like a hero for lovers of Terror, Fantasy, Science Fiction and other genres.
  • Also, my birthday is less important and I have not done anything that many like, but it is another year for my life lol.

    • And to finish my first anniversary using the tablet. I plan to do something, I hope I have Internet to share it.

I hope you like, below you will see the process in image and in a few days you will see the entire process in video. ;)

I made the sketch of this drawing in my sketchbook and finished it in Medibang, by the way it doesn't have as many brushes as PS but I had one that I liked and it was the one I used.
I used a cold and warm base colors a slightly complementary combination.

The process of this drawing was different from the others and was more like anime, so I was base, shadow, light, not so realistic.


I was adding more shade to give more depth and erasing the black line [That I make it HORRIBLE] to make it a little more "Realistic".

To finish my drawing, as I was a dancer I made a tool that many of them use to make their presentations and do amazing things with that.




Wacom Bamboo Create tablet.

Grateful to all of you for seeing and supporting my new work, I would be very happy if you leave me in the comments your opinions and criticisms regarding this style or my work. His criticisms help me to grow and encourage me to work harder to improve my art.

See you soon dear community, thank you for viewing and suppors reserved.


Copyright @yanes94 - All rights reserved.

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19.09.2019 17:14

Gracias Taruk!

20.09.2019 04:06

Nice drawings as always

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19.09.2019 17:19

Thank you very much dear @htliao, I'm glad you like it!

20.09.2019 04:08

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19.09.2019 17:20

Thanks for this, I will review it :).

I hope you have a nice day.

20.09.2019 04:10

Cutest cute artwork:) Be careful with cables dear Carmen, we do not want to loose such a valuable person:)

19.09.2019 17:58


It was me when I was little .. I was cute, then change lol.
I am not good at electricity but I have to learn ajuro, I am really scared because I do not want the battery or laptop to be damaged, today I went through a store and I went crazy, a universal laptop charger cost almost 20 dollars I don't want to imagine a battery or even a computer.

If I leave Steemit some will miss me, others hmmm will be :)....

20.09.2019 04:32


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19.09.2019 17:59

Thank you very much for the delicious cake @helpie and George.

20.09.2019 04:12

Ay que linda te ha quedado, me gusta mucho como hiciste el efecto del cabello. Muy impresionante señorita. uwu

19.09.2019 18:28

Aaww ese me gif me mata! es cuchi-

20.09.2019 04:06

Genial tremendo trabajo @yanes94!!! 😀 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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19.09.2019 20:59

Muchas gracias cariño.

20.09.2019 04:04

Composition is composed by the line. All the colors are brightening themselves ~ Illustrated by the color, by the line, by the mood ~ Shiny painting ~

20.09.2019 01:44

Thank you very much,

I'm glad you like it

20.09.2019 04:13

Que buena representación la que hiciste, es adorable tu dibujo y mas las características de la cara, cada detalle la hace impresionante. Es muy importante dar buenos toques para que al final se de un buen resultado como el que hiciste, siempre me ha gustado tu obras por lo original y bien detallada que quedan, sigue asi querida @yanes94 eres excepcional.

  • ¿Eres tu la del dibujo en versión niña?
  • ¿Estas de cumpleaños?

Espero puedas recuperar lo de tu pc.


20.09.2019 15:41

Muchas gracias, por tus amables palabras de aliento. Si, la verdad creo que los dibujos cambian mucho al final, porque siempre colocas esos detallitos que aportan mas y mientras miras y miras sigues cambiando lol.

  • Yo de niña? bueno tal vez heheheh.
  • No, no estaba de cumpleaños [Falta muy poco, es cuestión de días lol].
  • Gracias por tus buenos deseos, yo ambien espero eso.
23.09.2019 04:32

ja ja con que estas haciendo chibis... pero con tantos detalles parece una linda bebé ¡con pechos! es irónico pero el dibujo de chibis es algo difícil, ya que debes que quitar muchos detalles, pero a uno le encanta agregar detalles...
y de verdad espero que se soluciones el problema de la lapto puedes darme los detalles de tu equipo para ver si puedo averiguar los precios de los cargadores, y te recomendaría que hicieras lo que yo estoy haciendo reunir steen y sbd para comprar una mejor PC y de escritorio son mas confiables potentes y fáciles de reparar

21.09.2019 21:03

Great work!

24.09.2019 18:35