Portrait fantasy girl



Hello friends how are you?

I was absent for several days, to be realistic I don't know why, it was that there was an Internet signal, but the very stupid did not load anything, nothing, nothing, exactly nothing, that is, he had Internet and at the same time not. Well, I'm going to catch up with the pending things I left.

In the days I was lost [That by the way I am upset about that lol...] I worked on a new drawing, I am trying to make the drawings look more realistic, so I am working on the facial expressions and using a harder brush than normal [instead of the soft one I used before], to get a drawing with a little more detail and that is not so blurred [Hmmm, although that is a good effect, if it is done well as Sakimi achieves in his drawings :)].


As I have been doing in the last days, I work with a stain and then I am modeling so to speak, for no one is a secret that I am learning, so well, that's what mistakes are for. If you see any that could improve or change, do not hesitate to tell me.
This girl changed a lot of color and many other things as I said before I was modeling it and if I am sincere I was about to throw it away, but I almost stopped doing this and I started doing something else [I was very stressed maybe because of Internet and so many other things that have my head crazy ...], but I thought for a while and said I will continue, you must have some way to improve it.

Already at this step, according to me, I improved several things and looked better, so my mood got up a little. In the last two drawings I have made I have been making some designs on the clothes with some lace and some transparencies.





Bamboo Tablet

Grateful to all of you for seeing and supporting my new work, I would be very happy if you leave me in the comments your opinions and criticisms regarding this style or my work. His criticisms help me to grow and encourage me to work harder to improve my art.

See you soon dear community, thank you for viewing and supporting my publications. 😜


Copyright @yanes94 - All rights reserved.

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Looks great! Nice drawing!

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04.11.2019 18:03

Oh, thanks honey, I'm glad you saw my work and leave me your nice comment. ;)

04.11.2019 20:52

You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing your work :)

04.11.2019 21:09

No honey, quite the opposite... thanks to you for watching. ;)

04.11.2019 22:57


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04.11.2019 18:43

Thank you very much @Rehan12. XOXO ;)

04.11.2019 20:50

Are we expected to believe you designed that dress and lace pattern?OMGTry to make your art plagiarism a little less obvious pleasescreenshotsteempeak.com2019.11.0416_05_54.png

You are not putting photographs through a filter arent you?;)

04.11.2019 19:15

Beautiful portrait digital art my friend...

04.11.2019 19:25

Thank you very much dear @tussar11, I appreciate your support. ;)

04.11.2019 20:48

Esta tocando mucho con la realidad señorita. Me asombra mucho, excelente trabajo. <3

04.11.2019 21:23

Gracias amor, estoy trabajando en eso... me alegra mucho que lo veas así porque pienso que voy por buen camino. ;)

04.11.2019 22:58

Great artwork

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05.11.2019 02:58

Thank you very much dear @anggreklestari

05.11.2019 12:40

It is a beautiful elf with a smile!
If you use a brush tip, it will look smoother if you use an airbrush on the areas where the brushes overlap.

[nTopaz Curator]

The comments from curators is for information and encouragement. The upvotes from nTopaz and rankings are based on the popularity of your art work when posted to the nTopaz platform.

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05.11.2019 15:27

Greetings @ryangrang, if you're right... thanks for the advice and support, for the next I put it into practice. <3 <3 <3

05.11.2019 21:39

Me gusta los resultados que estas logrando en tus trabajos, ya estas alcanzando el realismo, pero tienes que mejorar el difuminado en la piel, los pinceles duros hacen que su piel se vea manchada con mucha textura, y me encanta los bordados le da un rasgo de personalidad a ella y están muy bien hechas bien unificadas.
P.D.: la expresión y su forma de su cabeza... eh vistos tus fotos de perfil para saber que este es un autorretrato tuyo XD

06.11.2019 21:30

Se a que te refieres con lo del difuminado en la piel pero esta vez fue adrede... o sea hice esto como una pintura rápida y no iba a enfocarme tanto en la piel solo quería realizar bien los rasgos y eso... mas adelante cuando pueda realizar mis obras mas rápido tratare de que la piel me quede mas realista junto a los rasgos de la cara.

hehehehehe no amor, te equivocas "primera vez" esta no soy yo... es la novia de un amigo la que modelo para este dibujo, ella es muy linda y como quiero mejorar y tratar de hacer cosas mas realistas, ella amablemente me entrego su cuerpo para que hiciera lo que yo quisiera. LOL

Gracias nuevamente por tus palabras querido amigo... sabes que lo aprecio. ;)

07.11.2019 20:21