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Good morning dear friends Steemians!!!

A long time ago I found some images of some girls with the most beautiful eyes in the world "according to the Internet" the truth is that these girls had green eyes and in some cases blue... the colors were super intense so they were really pretty, these girls Dark skin and beautiful eyes was what inspired me to make this portrait.

To give it more touch of fantasy, I made her white hair with a certain light and her face with a little shine, it's not exactly how I remember the girls but I wasn't going to draw them, I just remembered them and used as inspiration though at the end I think it has a certain air to the character of Storm of the X-Men. XD

It all started with an idea that later became the sketch but later that idea was changing as I was working.
In this part I chose the base colors and began to paint my sketch.
In this part I already had everything with more shape, the lights and shadows that would go in my drawing were already established.

In this step I had already detailed almost everything, the skin and almost 90% of my drawing was almost ready.

As I had no plans to do any clothes, I had not done it in my sketch but when I was ready I thought it would be better to do something and I decided to do something a little "CyberPunk" since in the forehead I had done it as a kind of chip then I thought it was consistent with that style of clothing.


ByCarmenYanes - copia.jpg



Bamboo Tablet


Grateful to all of you for seeing and supporting my new work, I would be very happy if you leave me in the comments your opinions and criticisms regarding this style or my work. His criticisms help me to grow and encourage me to work harder to improve my art.


See you soon dear community, thank you for viewing and supporting my publications. 😜


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11.12.2019 20:30

Thank you!!!

13.12.2019 01:48

I thought this was Kitara from air-bender at first! Love the piece! You’re amazing πŸ€—

11.12.2019 20:46

Ummmm I have to investigate about Kitara from Air-Bender since I don't know who it is... maybe I like it and do it later. ;)

Thank you very much for watching and supporting my work. <3 <3 <3

13.12.2019 01:45

I even thought she was blind until I read your post through.
Her eyes look angelic.

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful piece.

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11.12.2019 22:44

hehehehe now that you say it, you're right... I hadn't thought about that, I'll be careful next time when drawing this kind of eyes. ;)

Thanks to you honey for watching my work. <3 <3 <3

13.12.2019 01:48

Wow!!! The eyes...the the hair!!! 😍😍😍
I really like the colour of the eyes.
It is absolutely beautiful.

12.12.2019 04:17

Thank you!!! Little by little I lose the fear of using other skin tones, we have to leave the comfort zone you must sometimes. XD

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. ;)

13.12.2019 01:47