Business opportunities and growth for MSME using the Tokoin platform

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Hello friends, i hereby introduce a unique project known as TOKOIN. This is to provide a partnership business platform and Provide growth opportunities for MSME by bringing business partnership where companies can improve their business activities, achieve their business goals and create a worldwide reliable relationship. 

Introducing TOKOIN

Tokoin provide a platform to build valuable partnership which will bring you into the engaging ecosystem consists of collectible business profiles profitable for business expansion. We are committed to helping companies and users create reliable, valuable and decentralized B2B partnership and connections. Tokoin will help businesses expand their customer data base and improve their profitability. The market potential is enormous and tokoin early adopters can benefit immensely by backing up the platform in the token generation event. 

All data listed in the Blockchain is publicly available, ensuring transparency and reputation. Through the use of smart contracts, Tokoin ensures the transparency of products and services by providing correct information and monitoring the status of ongoing processes. Partners will be absolutely confident about secure delivery, quality and payment transactions. 

What is TOKOIN business category?

The know your customers platform which makes users have the autonomy to decide the accessing of their data by any customer. 

The distribution of incentives to customers in terms of the monetization of their data and also have full control of the data provided 

 The implementation of Blockchain technology

Transparency of Business History & its Reputation 

Blockchain allows recording of the business history of registered users: committed deals, profile updates and reviews, where they cannot be changed or deleted. Reviews could be
disputed, but the history will be saved forever.
All the data registered in the Blockchain is available publicly, which guarantees
transparency and actual reputation of the company. 

 Transparency of Data and Services 

Through the use of smart contracts, Tokoin provides transparency of the products and
services from one end to another by providing correct information and monitoring of the
ongoing process status 

 Peer-To-Peer Service 

This service combines the ability to create wallets through the API, and allows for the issuance of virtual and channels of inputs & outputs with various predefined settlement schemes. Peer-to-peer services are in great demand in many types of businesses that bring people together to sell goods or provide one another's services directly. 


The problems facing Blockchain and Data Collection

 Lack of reliability and total control of IT infrastructure causing frequent hard forks 

 Lack of privacy of data being given to various websites 

 The information provided by the users can be prone to hacking activities 

 Lack of proper security and privacy issues; this creates a need to have an encryption and decryption layer at the application level. 

 Solution to the problems

 The activities of the Tokoin ecosystem will be on the operation of a decentralized system that will prevent any form of alteration of data given or provided by individuals of the platform. 

 What are the advantages of using TOKOIN?

 Tokoin Platform allows users to promote a wide range of products and services with less charges, and start receiving a flow of deals. 

 Users will be able to use self-executing smart contracts to secure their transactions. 

 Tokoin platform provides possibility of trustworthy connections. Companies will be able to connect with worldwide potential partners without any barriers and make the searching cycle shorter. 

 The Tokoin Dapp

 Tok Decentralized applications are beneficial to developers and companies in that they provide a secure and trustworthy means of connecting directly to users. MSME as the data provider, submit their transaction data activity through Tokoin dApp. This is exactly the reason why dApps is growing so much demand because it totally eliminates the costs. 

 However, Tokoin is making a framework that will build up their customer's organizations and not contend with them. The advancement of the tokoin will involve an increment in exchanges, where the customers complete businesses. Likewise, an expanding number of organizations will start to make moves in cryptographic money. 

 For more information 

 Token Name:   TOKO 

 IEO Token Type:  ERC-20 

 Total Token Supply :  2,000,000,000 TOKO 

 Token Sale:  700,000,000 TOKO  (35% Token Supply) 

 Hard Cap:  $ 25,000,000 

 Soft Cap:  $ 8,000,000 








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