"This tooth is fine, it doesn't hurt

"This tooth is fine, it doesn't hurt!"

Our simple people
Understand that
Which is a toothache
The same tooth gets worse
And with no broken teeth,
That tooth is fine, healthy.

In dirty teeth
It is fortunate to have pain
Then we
Finding the Final Solution and Leaving

And painless
Dirty broken teeth
And the beards
By understanding healthy
Let go in the mouth -


Whose teeth, from the beards
You can't eat food.
Whose teeth
Usually swelling and infection remain
And they don't even have pain,
Don't take them easy
From your nearest qualified dental surgeon
Get checked up
Get rid of them - because
Such teeth
for you
Can be extremely dangerous -

Image by Look
Is a young patient,
Which is such a dentist
Well, understand healthy
Slowing down ...

Come on.

All together
Pray for this patient too,
And take care of your loved ones -


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