There you know all ages    Lively O Teda Slave Johnny

There you know all ages
   Lively O Teda Slave Johnny

A few days ago
Going to Dawood
At the ship square
Sardar Bahadur Sahib indicated to stay ..

We have been for many years
On the road
Looking at each other ..

In a government institution
Employed by an ordinary ..

On the front seat
Asked them ..

Brother John!
Why don't you sit on this steep flying coach!

They said!
I'm a small employee ..
Attempts on return
Save the rent!

Things to say
They said that
They also do poetry
And also take a little more singing ..

He kept talking and I kept listening!
He kept on talking and I kept thinking!

Them for the first time
The peep was found inside them!
They had a listener!

They kept smiling red cheeks
and I
The inside was breaking down!
Wash your ink!

Write your song
There you know all ages, live oh my slave slave
If you do
I think that
Around you
How simple, true,
Without listening to frank people
Live life ..

It seemed to me
Such people can only be heard
These simple people
Become a lover for all your life ..

and then
So wherever you look
Only by thinking of this
Let's be happy
He is human,
Which made me think ..
Who heard me ..
Who understood me ..

Come on ..

Around you
Plain, diamond, diamond, true,
Start to value,
Lord Zuljalal
We will make the scent, in addition ..

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