I am a doctor Hanif I got a poor boy today, the cheater was selling. This baby is still young and is less than 15 years old.


"From whose sweat, the scent smells!"

For several days
After the clinic
Eat bananas
GPO gets in front of Mianwali -

Of Mianwali
This son
See the ax in your work
The heart is full of wonder.
Son in the proximity of the fire
Working with such comfort,
Working in a room with an AC ...

Warm boiling shoots
Moves in such hands,
Foam shells, ice shells,
Holding on ...

Went to his son
And standing with it
Requested to have a photo of you ...
He was courageous.
And I was a thief in the faith.

Dignity in the eyes
Wonderful face satisfaction -
A smile on the lips ...

Staying close to it,
With sweat
The scent of being a real son,
The scent of honor, selfishness,
The scent of loyalty to parents,
On Habibullah
The perfume of perfection sure - Keep coming ...

Mohammad Sulaiman
Faizan lives in the vicinity of Medina Mianwali.
For 7 years
For your parents
The labor is coming
And every day
For those who are conscious
It's coming out that message

Yes ! Yes !
in the
Ashraf al-Muqtallam -
in the
Have a son
in the
Be a laborer
in the
Proud of your parents -

Of course
This beautiful face
Thousands of them
For sons daughters and brothers sisters
Role model,
Who want to be loyal to their parents ...
Who want to live for themselves.
Having a son, having a daughter,
Want to see your parents proud?

                                _____ Moses 

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Pakistan Town Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

I am a doctor Hanif I got a poor boy today, the cheater was selling. This baby is still young and is less than 15 years old.
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I love humanity I love poor people

24.08.2019 08:41

Amazing thinking

24.08.2019 10:05


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Good thinking I am so poor doctor hanif plz help me

24.08.2019 09:13

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