Sports Galadanash School Mianwali 2019 26,12,2019

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Sports Galadanash School Mianwali 2019


At the Danish School Mianwali, Athletic competed on the eighth day of the Inter-disciplinary Competition. 

In the first round of the 110m hurdle race, Emma First DG Khan's Loyra second in the first round and Alisha of Chishtian third. 

 At number one, Chishti's count came second and Alina of Rajanpur came in third.  In the 1500 meter race, Saman Ali of Mianwali took first place in second position and Rubina of Mianwali came in third .Martha from Ferdous Ramadan I of Chhattisgarh and Maryan of Rajanpur and Rajanpur of Haryan Batol in third place. 

 In the high jump, Amana Asif of Mianwali and Amina Asif of Hassalpur were third. In the high jump, Mianwali's Zaneera First, DG Khan's Al Shabaab second and Rajanpur's third Principal, Ii Principal, tasted all matches.  Saw and enthusiastically encouraged the guest teams. Medals and shields were given to the winning children.


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