"Oh my brother! Come leave Hond Chowk ... come on

"Oh my brother! Come leave Hond Chowk ... come on!"

It's the summer of 2002 -

At the mercy of a kind
Of Mianwali
Reached a billion leafy brother,

He had close friends ...
Them already
On the phone call
I was told in detail ...

by that time
They stand
Chatting with a friend

Both of us stood face to face.

I did
After the salutation
Requested them to
We have 3 kanals of land ...
We have a house in this land.
other than that
We have nothing like that,
Which can be kept as a guarantee
that's why
As a loan
If up to 4 years
every year
If my college fees and hostel dives are submitted
My problems will ease ...
When I become a doctor
Your trust
I will reach you, in the meantime.
If God
If not able to do so
They sell the land
Your deposit will be returned.

Hearing it all
They started speaking ...

my bro !
I definitely help you but
Construction of a madrassa ...
A mosque is also under construction.
that's why
Please accept the exemption from me.

That sir
Say it with your friend
Engaged in gossip again -

in the
It was standing there thinking
If they will end the gossip
Regular greetings,
By joining hands,
I will go by saying goodbye. That
Look at them
They were surprised,
Understanding me,
It is as if in anger!

Oh brother! Leave the Honda Square ...

By God!

After that day
till today
Then me
Someone has to catch a human square
Nor did any human
Tell me this ...
Oh brother! Leave the Honda Square ...
After this special moment
Lord Zuljalal
He was hidden in a sheet of mercy
And caught his square ...

O Allah!
With this great solemnity
Because having a special compassionate case
that day
that man
Don't tell me to leave my square
Sheets of countless sheets
How do I get caught !, How do I hold on!


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