I show you today how omelette and pumpkin and pickle pumpkin are made in our house you can see

Today we made great food in the house. You can see what it is. It is a wonderful omelet with lots of things added to it. The egg has the onion. The yogurt is in it. Used in it so it makes it great

This omelette we make a lot in the house and we use indi ghee inside it because the indi ghee has a lot of power and it tastes great and also uses pickles which make it a lot more desirable. Gives it

It is a good thing that is very good in our house, the pimplehood of Pumpkin and the skull is very good in our house, it is very good for the subordinate, and it is very good for the people to use a lot of use, we use a lot of use of use and also use it in the inside.

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Good food good life

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Local dishes

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Best food

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