How to make potato spinach In this post I am going to tell you what is eaten a lot in our area

This is the spinach sauce we cook it, it is very delicious, we put it in a grinder after we first boil it in water, then put it in an oil pan. They are made from it and then meat is added to it

Meat and potatoes are added to the spinach sauce, then green peppers, red peppers and salt are poured in it, then it is put on the stove and cooked slowly.

This is the spinach I have taken in my hand. After boiling it in water, we put it in a bowl and then cook it in oil.

When it is cooked in oil, red peppers are added to it. All peppers are cooked and meat and potatoes are added to it. They are cooked which is very delicious.


After cooking it is mostly eaten in breakfast in our area. It is used with breakfast yogurt. It is very good food. It gets a lot of steel.

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