As far as it was going, so close it was!"

"As far as it was going, so close it was!"

In 1993
The first time I left home
And at the Karachi port
The watchman departed for the job

Wondering was under way ...

The extent of menopause
Whatever the cross
Extreme two
See you -

Sitting in the train car
If you look to the right
From childhood until then
All the kindness of your parents
One by one
Slideshow mode
Started walking before the eyes.
When looking to the left
From childhood until then
All your disobedience
Looks like a series -

If you look to the right
I was drawn to my parents.
If you look to the left
Would have been different from himself.
Away from yourself

From home
As far as it was going ...
Heart glass
Broken down
So much was becoming a thief.

During the same journey
Made of mother's hands
The "rote" wrapped in chakla was eaten ...
just then
The eyes
For the first time in life
Tears were shedding ...

It wasn't far from home.
till then
Mom was just a mom.
till then
The father was the only father.

When I was away from home ...
The mother was identified.
Father was the Father of greatness -

I remember..

Upon reaching Karachi
In the same stretch
My parents
Had won
and I
Was defeated in front of their greatness.

Arriving in Karachi
From home
It was too far
till then
Of your parents
It was almost done.

Photo: - Dear Brother Assad Naveed's Love ...

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