My Actifit Report Card: July 23 2019

"Mianwali Education Fund!"

Ever since
My video message went viral,
Of Mianwali
Hundreds of parents
Who own sons and daughters
Just because of poverty
Can't even get an FSC,
Contacting Us -

It means that
We are all Mianwali people
Want to educate your children ...
They want to make Pakistan a useful person.
And this
Very welcome, Masha Allah.

As human beings,
Being a limited resource,
we all
One or two children can then support in education
All Mianwali's deserving, proud sons
And can't bear the burden of supporting autistic daughters.

that's why
An Idea That Has Come
We all together
In the name of "Mianwali Education Fund"
Register an account,
Which the five-member team handles
And sons and daughters of the whole Mianwali
Caste, color and race, transcending divisions
Finance in every area of ​​education

These 5 people
We are not from a well-established team
Famous for honesty,
I am a senior teacher of principles,
Who also patronize us
And to the Fund
Of my Mianwali's sons and daughters
In colleges and universities
Go spend on their education.

In this fund
I will submit myself in the first 5 lakhs
And for fundraising
With my whole team
I will check out all of Mianwali's streets, coaches and bazaars.

Of Mianwali
Lawyers, doctors, businessmen, officers, even gentlemen
For the construction of bright Mianwali
Will approach to play your role
And they will also request a substantial contribution to the fund, Shayullah -

Believe it!

We all together
This fund can make such a huge fund
From Jesus Khel to Puppies
No daughter, no son,
Due to poverty, I will not be able to stay away from education.

Mianwali Education Fund Account
To open or register
You all need guidance and support too.


Daily Activity
165 cm
65 kg
Body Fat
45 %
42 cm

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