"A father's opinion !, A teacher's opinion!"

"A father's opinion !, A teacher's opinion!"

Hafiz Mohammad Sher Bhairon
From the Government High School Kandi
Retired as a teacher

This elderly
Qamar-ul-Hassan is the father of a rich Zada.

Qamar Brother
Yesterday only
They were gifted with our book.

After completing the book
These phrases
We've all made names,
For all of us
No less than a medal.

God do
These are a few bright phrases
For us
In religion and the world
Become a source of success, salvation -

Son !
you all
Serving the nation ...
Instead of feet, politicians, elders,
You guys
Their teachers
And bringing them into the footsteps of their parents.
Allahu Uzzol and the Prophet are teaching to be slaves of Allah
And them
They are also encouraging you to stand on your feet, Mashaullah.


May our elders be safe -
Our Parents Stay Safe -
Keep our teachers safe -


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