Wunderfind - Find your lost Bluetooth devices in seconds


Find your lost Bluetooth devices in seconds



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Wunderfind is an application through which you can find your lost bluetooth devices in seconds. It helps people to find their lost bluetooth devices. You can see the signal strength of the device, play a sound through your headphones and also you can see your device location on a map where your device was connected the last time.

This may sound very similar to Apple's Find My app but the big difference here is that wunderfind supports ALL bluetooth devices and not just Apple devices. That means that you can track your Fitbit tracker, Powerbeats Pro or other devices with this app.




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01.11.2019 15:32

Interesting even though I thought it will work without the Bluetooth being on. But all the same, being able to locate a Bluetooth device while the Bluetooth is on is a really good development. Cool hunt

01.11.2019 16:43

It's great that this app availiable for bot Android and iOS! It seems that now I can find some lost devices in my flat!

02.11.2019 07:03

We all know how easy it is to lose our ear buds, this is a great solution for all those who are using ear buds. Not only that this app can find you your apple pencil, apple Pencil, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more too.

02.11.2019 14:03

The ideal app that all the apple accessory users should have. With this app you want have to worry about losing your airpods or any other accessories you have.

02.11.2019 14:05