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Hello, Beautiful friends of Steem Blockchain! I hope you all are doing well and feeling healthy. I am also good and enjoying my life. Today the weather is too cold here in our country and also the rain is raining for the last week. I am not going outside from my home due to too much cold and rain. Today I am again going to share my daily quest rewards of the Splinterlands game with you people. Today's quest was given again in the Water Splinter and I was really happy to see the water splinter quest again. I completed it easily because I have also upgraded my Water splinter untamed edition summoner Bortus to level 4 in which I can use up to level 5 common cards. I easily won five battles with the water Splinter monsters and completed the quest within one hour. I didn't try for the next league because above 2200 rating all players were playing with the upgraded decks. Currently, I am still playing in the Gold 2 leagues and I was rewarded with 7 loot chests. In today's quest rewards, I got 4 cards, 1 potion, and 36 Dec.


Claimed Quest Rewards:


My Current League and Rating:

In the below screenshot you can check there are still 06 days and 20 hours left in the current season. My pending rewards are still 26 which is based on my current playing league tier Gold 2. My current league is still Gold 2 and today I reached a 2231 rating.


This is all about today, Thanks for visiting my blog.



If you are new to Splinterlands and want to join, you are welcome, you can join from the below link.

  • If you are a newbie and want to ask something, you are welcome I am always available 🤚 to help you.
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