Project Clear - A guided tour using smart glasses, powered by Amazon Alexa

Project Clear

A guided tour using smart glasses, powered by Amazon Alexa


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Project Clear

Project clear is a guided tour smart glasses which is powered by amazon alexa. Through these smart AR glasses you can reimagine travel experiences from focals by north. It allows you to access what you want, without disrupting what you’re doing.

Travellers often venture to destinations they’ve never visited before, but they dislike the lengthy research and comparison process required to make the most of their trip. Guided tours offer one solution, but frequently leave visitors feeling like cattle being herded unceremoniously from one stop to the next. Clear offers virtual guided tour packages curated and rated by locals which allow you to follow, pause, resume, or even change course at your own pace, through location-aware content on Focals glassessource.


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I love seeing this. AR is really going to change a lot of society. Our access to information will be instant.

The one problem I have is it is tied to Amazon. We need these projects to get away from centralized databases.

Great Hunt.

04.10.2019 16:03


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Thank you

05.10.2019 09:56