Ping Pong robot - Raspberry pi based Table Tennis Robot

Ping Pong robot

Raspberry pi based Table Tennis Robot


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Hunter's comment

Ping Ping Robot

Ping pong robot is a simple robot which is powered by single board computer and it has all the features of high end robots. You can customize this robot according to your gameplay from newbie to advance level.

A table tennis robot for fun and serious practice. App controlled ones in the market cost around $2000. We built one with easily available parts and laser cut and 3d printed parts. This is the first robot that is powered by a computer, it easy to add features


  • Hold 100+ TT Balls
  • Fully programmable
  • Onboard computer
  • Extensible
  • connect via wifi
  • powered by rasberry pi


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Hi hunter,

Thanks for your contribution. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

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14.09.2019 01:44

Thank youb so much

14.09.2019 13:54

wow, a cheaper version of the most high tech implementation of robotics in sports. great if schools and universities can afford these. super cool.

14.09.2019 05:47

Thank you for your precious feedback.
Yes it will be best for schools and universities as a trainer for the students.

14.09.2019 13:56

Table tennis is a game which needs a lot of practice for perfection. Unfortunately for practice you need companion. Thanks to the technology which provides a companion like Ping Pong Robot which is available with you 24/7. Great for practice and improving skills. Easy to control. carry 100 balls. Nice hunt. My only concern is the high price of robot.

14.09.2019 10:32

Thank you so much for your precious feedback dear friend.

14.09.2019 13:57

Great and inovative find. I love tennis game and playing with my friends. Sometime friends not available to playing tennis and i am feeling so bore this robot helps us to playing tennis with him. It is very good for tennis player practice.

14.09.2019 12:56

Thank you for your feedback.
Yes it is your playing companion.

14.09.2019 13:58

It looks really fun how it works. I hope it will be very helpful for professionals.
Nice find!

14.09.2019 13:03

Thank you for your feedback.
Yes it is very helpful for both beginners and pro players.

14.09.2019 14:00

I love the fact that this version is more affordable so some people can actually use it. Great hunt and very cool product.

14.09.2019 13:14

Thank you for your feedback.
Yes it's cost is not too much

14.09.2019 14:01

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, it could be a great tool for training and will be helpful for customizable training.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

14.09.2019 13:32

Thank you for your feedback

14.09.2019 14:01

perfect robot for your table tennis game to enhance and more improve your gaming skill with the help of technology nice find

14.09.2019 14:23

Thank you for your feedback

14.09.2019 14:40


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