JottingApp - folder sorted notepad better than best


folder sorted notepad better than best



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Hello steemhunt friends!
hope you have a fine and cool day. Today I am sharing another hunt with you people which name is "JottingApp". JottingApp is an android journal lightweight application which is used for the purposes of recording notes, memoranda, writing and drafting. It combines the simplicity of traditional pen and notepad with digital storage and interactivity.

JottingApp can also be referred to as a folder sorted notepad or a writing pad. JottingApp's main features include folders to help the user separate the different notes into categories. It also features a straight forward navigation around the app without complicated and hard to find buttons and pages.
Our app is suitable for all age groups and all professions that require notepads to write short notes. Our app cannot be used for drawing so that remains unsupported. It supports 30 characters for the title and 4200 characters for the body text. It has a date feature to indicate when a note was saved or edited.


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Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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28.07.2019 06:08

It's perfect for my needs. Well categorized notes & easy to use.simplest to use and best in organizing my work notes

28.07.2019 14:23