Get Groomed - Get Groomed connects you with mobile barbers in your area

Get Groomed

Get Groomed connects you with mobile barbers in your area


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Hello steemhunt friends!
hope you have a fine and cool day. Today I am sharing another hunt with you people which name "Get Groomed". Get Groomed is a mobile platform which connects you with the professional mobile barbers in your area. It helps you to connect with the mobile barbers so that you have the finest grooming services in your area which caters to your style at a place and time that suits you. It is designed for both the iphone and android mobiles.


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Great hunt @yameen! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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11.07.2019 04:13

An easy way to get hair cut done. I appreciate the developer's creativity and effort. The fact that it comes to solve a huge problem for most lads as to what hair style to choose for their hair cut is so amazing.

11.07.2019 12:54

This is a superb service. I got their service many time. The service is very professional and the cut is superb.The barber has done an absolutely superb job and I would definitely use him again.Also the website is very easy to use & the barber that came is very friendly and professional.

11.07.2019 14:04