Early Learning App for Kids - Fun & Interactive learning for toddlers

Early Learning App for Kids

Fun & Interactive learning for toddlers


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Hi Steemhunters!
hope you have a fine day. Today I am here with the new amazing hunt for the kids.
Early Learning App For Kids is an android application for kids which helps them to learn ABC, rhymes, numbers, animal names, fruit names and more easily in an interactive and fun way. It is very simple and easy through which kids can learn easily. It provides an interactive and fun environment for the kids. It is an educational purpose and learning game for the kids.


  • Colorful early education app that helps children learn
  • Learn ABC & alphabets
  • Learn Numbers
  • Learn Animal Names
  • Learn Fruit Names
  • Learn Nursery Rhymes

    As one rightly said - Learning can be fun if taught in a right way from Childhood
    Looking for a fun, free, and simple educational app to help your toddler learn phonics and trace letters of the alphabet? Look no further than Early Learning app for kids to help kids learn ABC, learn numbers, learn nursery rhymes, learn fruit names, learn animal names.




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29.07.2019 15:24

An app with which kids can learn a lot of things like spelling, rhymes, animal names, fruit names etc. This will really help kids learn easily. Nice one

29.07.2019 16:28

wow great post This is the best app i could find for my young toddler .Before i used to carry his book to make him engaged in learning while commuting . It has all section he is learning . thanks sharing good hunt post.

29.07.2019 17:31

Great hunt dear @yameen you share a useful and informative product. We really like it very much because its easier way to learn colour, counting and numbers for children 🧒. Thanks for the guidelines and sharing this great hunt

29.07.2019 18:05

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. Perents really like this type of apps they helps our kids basic learning. This app helps our kids to improve his learning skills. This app also help our kids to learn english and mathematics. Maths is very difficult subject. It is very good for our kids future. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

29.07.2019 20:17

Its a good thing as I see many of these app developers tailoring focus to the development of children. That's the basis of a better tomorrow, I believe.

29.07.2019 20:45

I'm always a big fan of decentralized education and self-learning. There is still some risk in kids getting addicted to mobile phones without proper supervision. I mean we are talking about toddlers here. That is a very tender age. But there are no third party ads, no in-app purchases, no tricks. This is hugely valuable. You don't want the wrong kind of d popping up while your 3 year old is using the smartphone/tab.

I wonder ow they are going to make any money to develop the app. Wish them good luck!

30.07.2019 02:23

This app looks great for kids. They can learn beginning level things from this app and that will be useful for their future learning. These kind of apps are highly appreciated because they are doing a great job in building kids future.
Thanks for Sharing

30.07.2019 03:03

This is undoubtedly a awesome and want to try it for my kid. Technology is making it easier for kids to learn. Wish in my time there was something but that's ok as I can see my kid learning and that means a lot to me. Impressive Hunt

30.07.2019 04:39

This is going as far as introducing the younger kids to a whole improved world of learning..

30.07.2019 06:28

I'll install this app and use it to my niece which is almost 3 years old. She always, watch videos on youtube and i think that it is time to learn something that is also fun using an app and this app fits it all.

30.07.2019 14:14

It could help kids learn easily while playing together. Hopefully parents will teach kids in a easy way.

30.07.2019 14:26