Billisimo - Track your business expenses and reinvest better


Track your business expenses and reinvest better


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Hello steemhunt friends!
hope you have a fine and cool day. Today I am sharing another hunt with you people which name "Billisimo". Billisimo is a platform where you can track your business expenses and reinvest in a better way. It helps by giving you the clear insights into your expenses and also helps to recommend how to save money.


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04.07.2019 22:23

Wow! What a splendid hunt. A business venture whose expenditure that can not be track and control will run and go under never to surface again. Tracking the financial transaction of business will enable the business owner to know where and when more funding is needed to improve the business output and also block leakages and stop wastage of resources. Thanks great hunt.

05.07.2019 06:24

Tracking business expenses is very important, sometimes we forget to write and note how much expenditure our business has spent, I am sure this Billisimo can help businesses to track their business expenses and reinvest them in a better place.

05.07.2019 09:58