AMZ Image - The Fastest Way To Insert & Make Money from Amazon Images

AMZ Image

The Fastest Way To Insert & Make Money from Amazon Images


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Hello steemhunt friends!
hope you have a fine and cool day. Today I am sharing another hunt with you people which name is "AMZ Image". AMZ Image is an amazon Image inserter. It is the fastest way to insert and make money from amazon images in wordpress. It is the best and more customer friendly plugin which can help you to monetize your blog. It is compatible for all the versions of wordPress.


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16.07.2019 15:12

This is great for website owners who are affiliated with amazon but sometimes getting the compliant images for your products can be time consuming, with "AMZ Image" its probably the fastest way to quickly insert pictures from Amazon's Images but please remember this is plugging which must work with a WordPress powered website.

16.07.2019 16:57

This sounds very interesting and is definitely something that I am going to be digging into a little more. I don't quite understand if it uses your existing Amazon photos or what . I am trying to figure out if I am thinking about this the right way or if it is pulling from a different database. I think it has a lot of potential though. Thanks for sharing! Nice hunt!

16.07.2019 17:59

Amazon wants its affiliates to use their API.
This is a simple way to stay on the Amazon straight & narrow.

Will this work on other blogging platforms, like Blogger & Medium? Are there any plug-ins for those platforms?

Useful Hunt! @yameen
Thank you.

17.07.2019 07:49


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17.07.2019 15:23