YamaAgni - Demons : Music Fix Friday

Back to back weeks!?
Let's hope I can keep this trend going eh? haha

Choon: https://choon.co/tracks/0va9om7d8yl/demons-demo/

Nemo hit me with a voice memo last night and I was thinking overnight what type of song I could make to it.
More and more I find myself enjoying letting musical concepts brew before I start making them [I am basically forcing myself to enjoy this process though as I become busier haha].

This is definitely still in the demo stages for me as I just started it early today and it still needs work.
It was however far enough along for me to send it to Nemo as an instrumental; so I figured it was far enough along to share with you guys.

I'm working on an [mostly] instrumental that will be dropping December 31st and I am thinking this one may end up on it haha.


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Nice I think this works well as an instrumental, glad you shared it with us. I totally agree that thinking about a song or art project for a bit and letting it marinate while you dream on it for a night tends to help things solidify.

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02.11.2019 06:37

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02.11.2019 06:38

Ahhh thank you so much!
That musical marination is key haha.

03.11.2019 17:09

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02.11.2019 09:27

Again!?! Thank you so much! :)

03.11.2019 17:08