Nemo - Detonator [Prod. YamaAgni] ~ Music Fix Friday

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I've been talking about this song through DM's, Discord & WhatsApp for what feels like ages now but really it's only been a month and a half at most haha.
I met Nemo through the typical circumstances of him finding me through my BeatStars page and purchasing one of my beats [we still haven't made a track with that one haha].
However, before I sent through my thank you e-mail I did my typical research on the artist and found that not only does he run a successful Forex marketing class, but he also already had a great track/video out with "Latin Baby"

With that in mind I customized my thank you e-mail a little bit more towards him as I knew I had to work with this guy!
We had a bit of small talk for the first couple of weeks but after we connected on the clever nature of his name we established a great working relationship.
Even though we are miles apart [Nemo in Colombia, me in Canada] we are able to make incredible music with the power of the internet.

We already have some more bangers banked and an EP in the works for release within the next few months so stay tuned for that!


I'm really looking forward to the return of SOTA today so I can reconnect with all you lovely people and discuss all the exciting things going on with my music!
I see a lot of people flourishing from here and it's truly great.


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Great track , heard on SOTA ... Loved it :)

25.10.2019 19:21

Thank you!!!

01.11.2019 22:00

Nice, love the light happy vibes and vocal, great beat. @tipu curate

25.10.2019 23:23

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 25/30)

25.10.2019 23:24


01.11.2019 22:00

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25.10.2019 23:25

Ahhh thank you!!!

01.11.2019 22:01