Music Fix Friday [Quake Matthews,Eazy Finesse,Chase Atlantic,KZ,Fazer,Dappy etc.]

In the words of Juelz Santana "I've been gone for a minute but I'm BACK!"
I missed 2 of the last 4 weeks because I was away on Friday and the other two I admittedly forgot. I am going to try to keep this post to a minimal amount of songs from the past month...but we shall see haha.

Quake Matthews & Thrillah - ISIS Remix

Both Quake & Thrillah do what they always do on tracks like this and absolutely snap!

Eazy Finesse - The Game

Absolutely catchy, real lyrics, storytelling, and a distinct 90's vibes? Yuuuup! Best believe I am really going to try to work with Eazy Finesse in some manner.

Chase Atlantic - Heaven and Back

Chase Atlantic on some 80's Synth Pop!?!? As if they were not already my favourite current band now they do this to me :) Also somebody I really want to work with in the future...perhaps all of these Chase Atlantic beats I put out will help them notice me haha.

KZ - Level Up

Some nice chill, catchy, and wavy vibes [a few more like this to come in this post haha] from the underrated legend KZ!

RNOTM ( 3rD x Momo ) - Bag Now

A hook that's not only super catchy but also well written mixed with some killer [as always] verses from Momo makes for a summer slapper!

Chris Webby - Pipe Down

Chill turn-up vibes with a Super [hehe] well done video game reference!? Thank you Mr.Webby for never disappointing with whatever vibe you choose to get on.

Fazer - U.F.O

The hook and production are on another level with this and when you consider Fazer is doing all of this himself it makes it all the more impressive; insanity!

Dappy x Tory Lanez

Back to back N-Dubz artists in the same it 2006 again? haha
This was a very nice surprise to see my current favourite London rapper/singer collab with one of my favourite fellow Canadian rapper/singers and they, of course, both delivered! A full album from these two would be incredible.

Cam Meekins x JZAC - Say That You're Leaving

I really didn't want to leave this absolutely amazing chill vibe til the end but it felt like a great closing song. Vibe with me now!

If you made it this far....what are you doing with your life!? Haha just playing thank you for checking the music I enjoy and really enjoy to share.
I'm not sure if I will be able to post next week as I will be getting back from another trip on Friday and probably won't have too many new songs together at that point but imma try!

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