Music Fix Friday: Artist Edition - Mitchell Bailey

I keep planning on posting more consistently on here but with how on the go I've been since June and switching up my focus a lot in the past month it's been tough.
However, I do have a lot of things in the works that will translate well with a blog so best believe I'll be using this for it!

Mitchell Bailey

He is an artist I have had the pleasure of knowing since late 2013.
I remember when he first told me about his music I thought to myself "ah another kid who thinks he is awesome but probably sucks" but then I got home and listened to his song and was instantly regretting I didn't take the chance to hang out with more that night because I was absolutely blown away!

The main reason I am doing this post though is that he has entered a competition, which after I spent 3 hours last night going through the top 50+ entries, I think he definitely deserves the win for!

You can vote here:
All you need to do is sign up for a BeatStars account [which honestly you should already be on if you are looking for/create instrumentals], and you can vote every 24 hours until it closes September 30th!
He is already at the point of review [100 votes] but of course, an influx of votes will help get him more deserved exposure.

In the song, he discusses a lot of topics that mean a lot to me [Chester Bennington,Mac Miller,mental health etc.] and he delivers it all in such a nice catchy song that is very well written.
The visuals from MooseCanFly are absolutely incredible and really help drive home the message; if you don't feel like signing up and voting at least give this a full watch/listen and maybe drop a like and comment if you are on YouTube.

I will be hanging out with Mitchell this weekend and I am hoping we can make some music together, so helping him gain exposure in a way also helps if you like me consider this a good for me as well! haha

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