"Anomalous" [Blockchain Music Contest S2: Round 2]

Here is my entry into the 2nd round of the Blockchain Music Contest Season 2!

The theme for this round is genre based and is "PsyTrance".
Choon: https://choon.co/tracks/1c68ou9h40/anomalous/

Initially, I saw the theme for this one and thought to myself "oh no another genre I have never made before".
Then after listening to the lovely playlist in the post, I realized this was a genre I dabbled in for a couple of songs last year and really enjoyed making.
The whole thought process going into this track was to make something ever-evolving that also has a few elements that come back into the songs at different points. I didn't want it to have a chorus or even be viewed as verses but rather I just wanted to create a groove that brought a lot of different, and interesting sounds forth.
I'm not going to lie before I got around to doing the arrangement of this song I viewed it as a chaotic mess [there are around 30 tracks for this one haha] and wasn't sure if I would even like it haha.
Luckily I did end up liking it and have found myself going back to it a few times today to listen to it...I may just have to start giving PsyTrance a try outside of these contests haha.

I made this song in FL Studio which has been my DAW of choice since early 2006.

Looking forward to listening to all of the different entries/the live show! :)

Cover Art Image Adapted From: https://pixabay.com/vectors/colorful-prismatic-chromatic-1237235/ & https://pixabay.com/vectors/chameleon-vintage-line-art-colorful-4247797/

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Comments 7

Awesome! Thanks for your submission. :) Much appreciated my friend.

29.07.2019 22:20

Whoaa - nice!! You really should make some more trance tracks - awesome with the typical Yama sounds in it :))

31.07.2019 18:49

Love those laser sounds you have in with the drum beat man. Psytrance took me by surprise as well. I really enjoyed making it this week and like you, think I'll dive in to it again. I was really into trance back in 1999-2004, listening to Ministry of Sound so this one took me back.

Good luck man!

31.07.2019 20:28

Waaah, you were so fast I almost didn't catch it!!
Thank you for taking part @yamaagni <3

05.08.2019 06:53

Awesome track man! Very cool track, love this so much. This is going to be a tough contest this week, all the tracks are so good!

05.08.2019 17:47

Great track! I have a growing Psytrance playlist that this will fit in nicely! I hope you don't mind at all. https://choon.co/playlists/3p4z44kxgc/goa-n-down-the-rabbit-hole

06.08.2019 02:59