"Can You" [Blockchain Music Contest S2: Round 1]

Here is my entry into the 1st round of the Blockchain Music Contest Season 2!

The theme for this round is genre based and is "Deep House".
Choon: https://choon.co/tracks/0nfy918ezv7/can-you/

Initially going into this round I was very unsure if I was going to be able to make anything in the Deep House genre, as it is something I have never worked in.
However, as I started to get familiar with different Deep House songs from the late 90's to now I realized I have been using elements of Deep House in a fair share of my more Electronic focused Hip Hop beats.
Now of course with that being said I knew I would have to shift my focus from making 2:30 to 3:30 long songs aimed at an artist singing over to a longer, atypical Electronic song but I was up for the task.

My first foray, however, was a total fail at trying to make a Deep House track. It definitely had elements of Deep House in it but ended up sounding more suited for a song so I tucked it away to be used as a beat [one I am quite pleased with and will most likely post in a month or so for those who are curious].
Slightly discouraged I decided to wait until the next day to give it another go and I was happy to find myself quite motivated this morning to go for round 2!

What came out is an ever-changing track that I hope is Deep House enough for this contest haha. I started out with the bassline and piano that you hear at the start and figured those would be the two main melodies heard throughout the track.
From there I added in a few more synth based instruments with a pad,arp,lead [very glitched up],a droning synth bass, and the ever so common with my tracks, chopped up vox.
From there I built the drums and finished it up with a few rises and drops [I love using them in pretty much any genre I work in].
Then came the really difficult part for me...figuring out how I was going to sequence this beast haha while keeping it interesting but meeting the longer length typical with Deep House.
By accident, I only had the piano going for the length of the 1st verse and when I heard just the bass,pad,and vox together for the chorus I thought it sounded great and decided to let the piano end it's time at the end of the 1st verse, never to return! haha

All in all, this was quite the fun and new experience for me and I was glad to be pushed into trying a different genre!

I made this song in FL Studio which has been my DAW of choice since early 2006.

Looking forward to listening to all of the different entries. I already listened to @bufinjer and was blown away by it so I think this is going to bring out some pretty cool entries!

Cover Art Image Adapted From: https://pixabay.com/photos/snow-mountains-hut-deep-snow-909/ by Simon Steinberger on Pixabay .

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Comments 13

Amazing!! Like you never did another genre ;) - it's definitely deep house!! I had to read about the genre first what are the real characteristics of deep house before I started with my track - lol ..... Great track! And even it's not your genre I can hear that this is you :))

16.07.2019 13:47

Oh wow; thank you!!! "..even it's not your genre I can hear that this is you" Ahh that's what I like to hear; I like to think I am starting to really have my "own sound" but it's great to hear it from others :)

19.07.2019 10:53

Yes, you absolutely do have your own sound! YamaAgni style shines through :)

19.07.2019 13:41

Awesome! Shame about the piano though ROFL. Thanks for your submission, greatly appreciated my friend.

16.07.2019 16:15

Hahaha thanks!

19.07.2019 10:57

Hi @yamaagni!!!
I just want to repeat what I already wrote as a comment to your entry to "Blockchain Music Contest Season 2".

@psionic-tremors just called me over to her "studio" and said: "Listen to this!"
I am just a simple "listener" and enjoying good music that reaches my ears.
While listening to your song I was blown away.
Clear sounds that made me move ... which does not happen very often ;)

I love it!

Keep on the good work!!!

16.07.2019 20:29

Wow, thank you so much! :)

19.07.2019 10:58

Another heartfelt track of high production value. Great job dude <3

18.07.2019 10:24

Ah, thank you!!!

19.07.2019 11:00

Really cool track man! Going to be a good and tough contest! Good luck!

18.07.2019 20:06

Ayee indeed it is!!! Thank you :)

19.07.2019 11:05

Yes Yamaagni! Another Deep House virgin here! Your track is still class though, loved it and when the vocals hit, beautiful. Good luck in the contest man, some great entries this week :)

19.07.2019 18:02

Thank you Nicky!

22.07.2019 02:03