Work process. Acrylic. Coconut and avocado

Hi guys. My new painting is going to Texas. How I love it when my paintings are scattered across countries, cities, and find a home. it's so nice to know that your work weighs on someone's wall and pleases the owners of the house and their guests.

My paintings are like pieces of me. Or as if my children. I always worry that the paintings would fly, reach the new owner in greenness and safety.

I love my paintings, I never forget about them, I always remember everything to the smallest detail, how I painted the picture, where I sent it, and so on.

I paint pictures with love. I put love and a piece of my soul into each of my paintings.


I drew coconut and avocado.

Such a tropical picture will go to the hot state of Texas

Maybe you are interested in looking at the materials that I use to paint a picture.

The tools I use the most are:

Brushes, I always paint with synthetic brushes. I do not like squirrel wool and so on, I do not like mockery of animals for the sake of art. Therefore, I always paint with synthetic brushes. Besides, I really like these brushes.

I use brushes of different sizes from the smallest one - brush # 0 to the longest. I use flat and round brushes.

I also use a palette knife for structural paintings. I use a palette knife to make strokes.

Fan brush for blending.

And no matter how funny it seemed, but I also use it. tooth brush. It is well suited for making a starry sky.

Acrylic paints. I paint pictures with paints of different companies: santi, sonnet, acrylic college, art composite, primo, dew and so on.

There are paint companies that I still want to buy to try to paint with them.

I also dream of trying oil painting, but starting from scratch is very expensive. You need to buy everything for the oil, starting with paints of different colors.

To get the right color, I mix paints when there is not enough money to buy all the colors. It certainly helps to start from scratch, but you still need to buy at least 5-10 colors to start. But oil paints are expensive. Unless, of course, these are good professional paints. I love professional paints, I always buy good paints regardless of the price. That would be comfortable for me to paint a picture and that the picture would be kept as long as possible.

Inspiration from this painting, inspiration link:

My Instagram account - dashulya_yakubenko 

My profile on Vkontakte - Dashulya Yakubenko 

My Facebook Profile - Дарья Якубенко

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Very nice work my friend 🤝

05.10.2020 11:14