Why does the artist have no desire to finish some of his works?My work is acrylic

Hello! That's actually the work that has not been completed. In the end, she just gathers dust in a box. I like everything here, but something does not go any further. It happens that you start work and there is no desire to finish it. But, after this work, I got many other, large-scale work with acrylic. This work is one of the first. I started with acrylic on acrylic paper, then here in this picture, and finally on the canvas. Although, it seems like before this work I painted flowers on a small canvas 20/20. Now I don’t remember what kind of picture in order. There should have been red poppies. The first acrylic paintings I painted with bad paint. Therefore, the first experience with acrylic is bitter) But it’s good that I realized that the point was not only that I had not yet learned to write with acrylic but also in the paint itself. For a short while, the desire to write with acrylic disappeared, but it was not for long. In the end, I bought good acrylic paints and canvas. Then the work began to turn out better. Now I'm afraid to remember how I suffered with those low-quality acrylic paints. Yes, and a lot depends on the brush, if you paint with acrylic, respectively, and the brush should be for acrylic.

Below is a photo background and undermining:



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Some things can't be completed. They, in their "unfinished state" have found a form of profound perfection. It is almost as if, maybe, if you were to add any tiny spot, it would be forever incomplete.
There was a movie about a writer, son of a renowned Conductor, who never finished one of his stories. His reasoning, "If I write an ending, they will no longer be perfect". Curious movie...
Accept perfection, even when missing something, it will all work out in the end.

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100%) thanks)

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