Walk in the Oak Grove park :)

Hi guys! My trip to Oak Grove. Oak Grove is a park in my city. It's beautiful here, nature is around: forest, pond, river, animals, birds. There are also attractions, a place where you can eat and drink coffee.

Oak Grove is a well-known place in our city; birthdays, weddings and other holidays are often celebrated here. There is also a hotel with a view of all this nature.

I like that there are also animals that you can pet)

I took a photo by the pond, turtles live here. Ducks, swans and geese also swim on the lake.

Here you can rent a boat and sail on this lake. The park also offers kayak and bicycle rental.

In the photo there is a pier, where boats and catamarangs are. Behind this pier there are many cafes, stalls with coffee and ice cream.

A beautiful park that runs along the lake. Here you can sit on benches, rent ottomans and a hookah. This is a good place to hide from the sun.

A turtle that lives in a pond. She's very curious. She swam towards us.

Had a nice walk in Oak Grove park.

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Beautiful Park and Beautiful Lady! Thank you

18.10.2020 19:47

many thanks)

19.10.2020 13:37

Thank you for sharing this park and fotos.

18.10.2020 19:57

with pleasure)

19.10.2020 13:38