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She was kind ... a cobra 🐍🤣🤪

She was kind ... a cobra 🐍🤣🤪

Hello) Sorry that there are a lot of my photos and so little creativity. I still can't get to when I can choose worthy photos of my paintings. Believe me, there is plenty to choose from, since I take many photographs of one picture and it is difficult to choose. it is necessary that the photo be suitable for all sites, for example here, also on Instagram, Facebook) But basically I only select Instagram for this site and in my profile, for others I generally forget to add new photos)

Now I'm painting a portrait of an Indian guy. And before that I drew a guy from Russia, I will not say that this is a portrait, it turned out to be a whole big picture. I kind of sent you the process. I will share the finished work later.

Days fly so fast that I just do not have time to do something and live. There are many pans, but in the end I do not have time for anything in a day, although I did not rest. Where does the time go) Someone must steal) lol

Exposing almost the same photos in a row is my bad taste 🤪 I think you'll forgive me 🙈🤣

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