Portrait of a baby. Acrylic on canvas :)

Hello !

Portrait of a baby. Material: Watercolor, canvas.

Well, this portrait was hard for me))) So many tears of mine were poured out, I really thought of abandoning "acrylic art." I thought well, it's not mine)))

The host is small, the baby is small, there is nowhere to even make transitions. The biggest brush is the one with whom I worked on the baby. Probably a magnifying glass would not hurt)

The main thing that is good is that it ends well)

The customer is satisfied, so I continued. This portrait is one of the first that I painted with acrylic. All the same, do not twist, but I prefer to paint portraits in watercolor.

Process) Pencil underpainting on canvas:

Portrait of the baby is ready:

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lovely...girls rule the world 😁

15.04.2020 12:18

Yes Yes
thanks )

15.04.2020 15:21

Amazing!!! Never give up, you are a talented artist!!!! Greetings!

15.04.2020 15:17

thank you very much)

15.04.2020 15:21

Some beautiful piece of art you have here. Congratulations!

15.04.2020 19:08

many thankss)

16.04.2020 05:13