Portrait acrylic.

Hello! Portrait acrylic. I started my work with watercolors, then I wanted to master acrylic. My first acrylic paintings were sky, flowers, for me it is easier than portraits. After I painted a woman with a zebra, I decided to try acrylic painting people. I painted a portrait of a child, then this girl. Still, it’s easier for me to paint with acrylic, and portraits in watercolor. The plans to master pencil portraits, and the grisaille technique. I would really like to learn how to draw black and white portraits. If you have any tips, please tell me some tips, share your own successes and mistakes. Since I’m self-taught, any of your advice will help me. Thanks!

Process. Undermining.

The second stage is the background

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Very cool portrait. I love her red lips.

11.04.2020 07:22

Thank you very much) I'm glad you like her lips)

11.04.2020 12:38

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