Painting "Tennis player Sharapova".Brushes only synthetics (I am against killing animals for the sake of art), paint only professional line (I am for quality).

Hi guys.

My new painting "Tennis player Sharapova".

Material: acrylic, canvas.

This is the third picture that went to Texas. I am thinking of collecting all 3 pictures in one post, but this is next time. I don’t want to make the post too big, so that you don’t get bored.

I paint pictures with acrylic paint. This is my favorite material. Of course, I have not tried to paint with oil paint, but maybe in the future. I am using a canvas from katon. Cato fabric, ground and stretched over a wooden stretcher. But I also want to try painting on linen canvas. It is more expensive. But I think it's worth a try.

Being creative is not a cheap hobby, not a cheap occupation. Therefore, I do not understand people who are trying to devalue creativity. Since the end of centuries, not everyone could afford to buy a painting that the artist painted.

Brushes only synthetics (I am against killing animals for the sake of art), paint only professional line (I am for quality).

In my work, I use several brushes (it all depends on what size the canvas is, for example, for a painting of 50x60 sizes I use brushes: large number 12, medium brush number 5, and the smallest for small details (this is number 0 or number 1), also I use a fan brush and a large flat brush to paint the painting with varnish.

As for paint, I use several paint colors (most often I mix on a palette using a palette knife with different shades of paint to get the desired color that is not in my palette).

Painting process:

I always start with a pencil sketch. Then I start working with paints.

The picture is ready

Inspiration from this photo, link to inspiration. photoshop:

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Hello friend, a great painting, the truth is that you look great! The colors look very bright and vibrant!

Thanks for sharing it.

08.11.2020 20:42

hi my friend )Thank you very much! I am very pleased to hear that from you!

09.11.2020 10:36

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thank you)

09.11.2020 10:35

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@antorv, Представниця України

09.11.2020 19:04

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09.11.2020 20:04

Buen arte :)

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