One of the first acrylic work

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My old job. Material: Acrylic.

This is one of my first works with acrylic. It was hard for me to draw a girl, but the background was even harder. I could not pick one that I like. Then I took a palette knife with white, black paint, and now I decided to stop precisely against this background

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Sister you got awesome skills wish you best luck For future

10.04.2020 06:35

Good art Chaturbate

10.04.2020 13:15

Great! I like the chains in her hair.

10.04.2020 18:28

thank you!as if Cleopatra)

11.04.2020 13:18

That is great talent you are endowed. Cheers and do enjoy your Easter holiday!

11.04.2020 04:47

Thank you very much, I went for a long time to achieve this level in art)

11.04.2020 13:19